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Welcome international students!

We are so glad you have chosen to make Greensboro a part of your educational journey - because that means we get the chance to meet you!

The organizations that participate in offer opportunities  (mostly free) for international students in Greensboro to connect with each other and with local Americans to form friendships. Through these relationships, students are able to explore important dimensions of American culture that are not available on campus or in tour groups: family, home, and local community life.

Opportunities include free dinners (with free transportation) in American homes, a few low-cost trips, various other group activities, and a service to provide personal matching with an American individual or family for regular contact.

The Americans who participate are the some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, and they love to interact with cultures from around the world. Even though the organizations are Christian in background, we welcome students from all cultures, faiths and philosophies. Although we love to share and compare matters of life, faith, and culture, we do not pressure or expect students to change their views, beliefs, or practices.

We trust that the relationships you find here will be friendships you remember, cherish, and even maintain for your whole life.